Pallet Collars - modular freight and storage packaging

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Kiwi Collars LLC, San Leandro, CA

Transform any standard shipping pallet into a pallet box or shipping crate of any height in seconds with PALLET COLLARS (pallet surrounds) - probably the most versatile product in the market for your packaging/ crating/ storage/ internal logistics/ product transportation needs. They are designed to fit over standard size shipping pallets (48"x40", 1200x1000, 1200x800, 1165x1165) and can be stacked as high as needed without any tools. It is a cost effective, standardized, yet flexible, modular returnable transport packaging system virtually for any industry from fresh produce growers to automotive components suppliers. One product - multiple applications!

* High cube utilisation (high filling degree) will translate into reduced transport costs and thus improved profits. Transport VALUE and not air!

* Their stackability gives you flexibility and guarantees cost-effective use of packaging.

* Pallet Collars have high collapsibility ratio (8:1) and provide extremely efficient space utilisation when transporting empty packaging. Perfect for reverse logistics.

* They are lightweight and easy to handle; 1200x1000 (~48x40") pallet collar weighs only 9 kg (20lbs); made of planed solid timber 195x20 mm (7.7x0.8") boards and galvanized steel hinges.

* Strong, durable construction - the 4 hinges lock onto a pallet firmly.

* Pallet Collars are versatile. Build a pallet box or shipping crate of any height you need in seconds! Such pallet boxes can further be easily stacked on one other, thus saving on storage and transport costs - utilize every m2 to the maximum!

* Environmentally friendly packaging. The collars are made of chemical-free Scandinavian spruce which comes from sustainably managed forests.

* They prevent damage and/or spillage of goods/ produce.

* Pallet Collars are absolutely reusable. Any company (your customer or your supplier) that uses standard shipping pallets in their supply chain can use these collars.

* They have high second-hand value. For the receiver of such packaging, pallet collars are not a cost (disposal, recycling, etc.), but a resource. It is a preferred export packaging if you ship to Europe.

* They improve health and working conditions. Build up a bin when filling it with goods/ produce; build down the bin when emptying it. No more bending over and into a high bin to reach the goods at the bottom, as with standard crates and boxes.

* Our pallet collars meet phytosanitary regulations: are ISPM 15 compliant (Heat Treated, KD, DB) and therefore can be shipped all over the world.

Use this low cost, standardized, yet highly flexible modular transport packaging system throughout your whole supply chain from transporting the raw materials, Work in Progress, to in-house inventory handling and shipments to your customers. It will translate into lower packaging, transport and operation costs, less damaged goods and better care for the environment.

You will find our pallet collars in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Enquiries welcome, wherever you are...


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